Not only the people congregating from all over Pakistan but also the tourists and the foreigners are enthralled at this fascinating scene and aspire to enjoy it time and again. Such were the persons who really attained the lofty mystical experience. Through their transcendence, their relation to ALLAH is such that in them the Divine personality seems to reflect itself and through them is revealed to his followers, and the grace of ALLAH is dispensed to those who invoke ALLAH in his name. In Iqbals inspirational poetry we find so many verses about who is Qalandar and what are the attributes of a Qalandar. A few instances are as below:

(Neither the power of crowns and kings nor the might of armies equals the force of a Qalandar)

(I was utterly abashed by this word of the Qalandar: If you bow down before an alien, you will not only be physical whackled but also be deprived of your mind and soul)


It is interesting to note that even the great philosopher-poet Iqbal assumes that he himself is not less than a Qalandar. Therefore he proclaims:

(The world is pleased with my traits of a Qalandar otherwise I know that my verses and my poetry are not so appealing)


In short, Ali Shahbaz Qalandar whose heart was the abode of ALLAH dwells in the hearts of the multitudinous people looks supreme and superior to any emperor with all his sovereignty, splendor and stateliness.